Staff Breaks Can Boost Productivity

It goes without saying that over the last 10 years technology has sufficiently progressed to give us more productivity from staff. Software and machines are now slick and quick compared to what they used to be (who knows what the future holds). These advances in technology have meant that staff have increased productivity in some cases by up to 200%.

With an increase in productivity from members of staff you will have seen (hopefully) an increase in activity and also their jobs will have become more involved and when they work now it really is work instead of waiting for the printer to print off that page.

With this increase in productivity you will also see some staff decrease in energy and this can be detrimental so giving your staff regular breaks will mean that they come back more focused and will become more productive. Your facilities manager should be looking to give your staff regular breaks and also looking to implement the right tools for your staff to enjoy those breaks.

In addition to regular breaks a well stocked kitchen can be a great asset making sure that –

  • You provide a good number of beverage options
  • Offer a wide variety of snacks that are healthy
  • Make sure the kitchen is well catered to (without spoons or cups I cant make myself a cup of tea)
  • Supply a decent first aid kit (accidents can happen in the kitchen)
  • Keep it clean and tidy

There are a number of ways that facilities managers can boost your staff’s productivity but a few short and small breaks is a great way of boosting it quickly and effectively.

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